What our lovely families say about The Lodge

We’re always looking for ways to improve our practice here at The Lodge and we love receiving feedback from our Lodge families. Many parents and carers have take the time to tell us what they appreciate about The Lodge. It means so much to the whole team to hear your kind and positive words. Here’s a selection of what parents and carers have to say about The Lodge:

‘We are truly grateful for your loving care in the past year looking after our daughter. You have made it the most exciting time in her little life. She absolutely loves coming in every morning, looking forward to singing, crafting, playing in the garden and more! She has learnt a great deal, and her skills have developed remarkably thanks to your support and guidance’

‘Thank you for the wonderful three years our daughter has spent with you. We knew as soon as she joined, she would be happy and looked after by each and every caring member of the team. She has loved every single day playing and learning at The Lodge, and we know she is going to miss you all so very much’

‘Thank you to the Baby Room for making my baby feel safe and loved, and for making my parenting journey as comfortable as it could be. I will always remember the feeling of knowing she would be cuddled, comforted and loved.’

‘All of the teachers at The Lodge have been such an important influence on our daughter. You have all had such a big, lasting impact on our daughter’s life. For all of you it’s a job, or business, but to us it truly is everything, half of our daughter’s life and an extension of her family. It has been so lovely dropping off every morning to a place where the staff are so obviously comfortable and happy in their work place. You are all amazing and we will truly miss you and wish we could take you all with us!’

‘We cannot thank you enough for all your care and dedication in looking after our daughter since she was just 7 months old. You have all helped her flourish into the fun, smart and creative girl she is. Our daughter has just loved her time at The Lodge and we truly will miss you all dearly. Please stay in touch.’

‘Thank you all for helping our son feel so welcome and happy every single day. It has been so amazing to watch his friendships blossom, and to see him come home smiling. Our son will truly miss every one of you. We wish The Lodge all the best for the future.’

‘Tash, thank you so much for looking after our boys over the last six years. It is going to feel strange not visiting The Lodge every day! It has been a pleasure to share your journey from childminding in your house, to where The Lodge is today. We hope it continues to grow and flourish, as do the children you welcome into your nursery.’

‘Tash, thank you for creating a loving, fun and fabulous atmosphere. It has been a true pleasure getting to know all the girls, and seeing our son thrive and grow during his time at The Lodge – it will forever be a special place to us.’

‘Putting your baby in a childcare setting is a scary time for any parent. It is a huge leap of faith and you worry if your little one will feel happy, safe and content. We are so glad we chose The Lodge for this super-important stage in our daughter’s life. You’ve all been simply amazing and we’ve never had to worry, as our happy daughter bounces into nursery every day. We wish The Lodge all the very best and can’t wait to watch you go from strength to strength. A huge thank you from all of us, we will never forget you.’

‘As a new parent of a lockdown baby, visiting local childcare options was both daunting and fraught with difficulties. I can recall sobbing to my husband that we couldn’t possibly leave him alone; he was so vulnerable, little and so unused to being with strangers. Then we found The Lodge, a serene, light-filled setting with a warm, friendly and enthusiastic team; it immediately felt like home.  A little wonder, scrolling on the Instagram feed and there were all those smiling faces looking back at me. Our first visit of The Lodge was with Natasha; passionate and knowledgeable, she immediately put us at ease and we instinctively trusted her judgement. Several other team members were diligently setting up for tomorrow’s activities – another good sign.’

‘In the rising twos room under Chloe’s capable and creative direction, he went from strength to strength; wowing us with his numeracy and reading skills, and forming such strong bonds. Chatting enthusiastically at home about his friends, as well as naming toys and characters after them during his own imaginative play at home.’

‘The summer party at The Lodge felt like a social gathering with friends rather than a parent-teacher meeting! At the Christmas party, we were met with characteristic warmth from Lola and he couldn’t wait to get his coat and wellies on to see father Christmas (Natasha’s son), who kindly indulged in a second and even third visit from our boy.’

‘With your support and encouragement we have witnessed our son grow so much in confidence and you have helped him seamlessly navigate some big life transitions, including the arrival of his little sister and moving from his first home. I can honestly say I haven’t once worried about his happiness, security or well being whilst in your care – he always leaves nursery smiling and fulfilled. I cannot begin to imagine how you find the energy or patience to do what you do every day, but I want you to know that it’s so much more than filling time between the many pick ups and drop offs; you have made such a huge, formative impact on our son and I cannot speak highly enough of your setting and the team; you have all been such a pleasure to deal with.’

If you have any feedback, good or bad, we are always keen to hear it so that we can continue to improve. Please email your comments to [email protected].

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