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Opening hours

7.30am–6.00pm Monday to Friday .
We are open 51 weeks per year and closed for all Bank and Public Holidays, 
a week at Christmas and for two training days per year.

Minimum days

We do not accept bookings for less than two days per week, unless offered at the manager’s discretion.

Extra days

Subject to availability, additional days can be booked through the office. These must be paid for upon confirmation.


Fees include all meals, snacks, nappies and suncream. Fees are due, in advance, on the 1st of every month, regardless of payment method. Unfortunately there are no refunds for sickness or holidays.

Fees are calculated based on the 51 weeks of the year we are open and divided into 12 monthly payments.

Bank and Public Holidays and two training days are included in the calculations.

Fees are reviewed annually, when one month’s notice of any changes will be given.

Government funding

The Lodge accepts government funding, subject to availability. For more information please visit: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk


We offer a 5% discount to the eldest child, if a sibling joins for 3 days a week or more.


Wait list

Availability is regularly assessed, taking into account any leavers or room moves and you will be informed as soon as a place for your child becomes available.

To join the waiting list you will be asked to pay a £75.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Once your payment has been received you will be sent email confirmation that you are on the waiting list.

Accepting a place

Once offered a place at The Lodge you will be required to pay a full month’s fees in advance in order to secure your place. This will then be offset against your first month’s payment.

We will then arrange convenient dates to begin your child’s settling process ahead of the agreed start date.

Notice of leaving

We require a minimum of one full calendar month’s notice should you wish to withdraw your child from The Lodge. The leaving date is the last day of that calendar month irrespective of whether it coincides with personal holidays, sickness, Bank/Public Holidays, Easter or Christmas. Notice must be given in writing.

We will assume that children in their final year with us – before leaving for a reception class – will have their last day on the 31st of August (or last scheduled session before that date) unless we receive written notice to the contrary.

Late payment of fees

Fees are due in advance on, or before, the first of every month. If payment is not received by the 7th of the month to which the fees relate, a £25.00 late payment charge will be added.

We encourage parents to communicate with us if they are having difficulty paying their fees as it may be possible to set up a payment plan to support you.

Unfortunately, if an outstanding balance runs into the third week of the month following an unpaid invoice without agreement being reached with the parents/carers, then we will be forced to suspend the child’s entry. This remains the case until an agreement is put in place.

Child Protection

We have an obligation to report to the relevant authorities any suspicions we have that a child has suffered neglect or abuse, and we may do so without parental consent and / or without informing a parent.

To enquire about a place, or arrange a tour, simply get in touch!

Call us on 020 8249 3052