Outdoor fun at The Lodge

While we were closed, we were able spend time working on our lovely garden space – building a new mud kitchen and a creating a nature trail. Now that summer’s here, the new outdoor areas are really coming into their own as our Little Lodgers enjoy spending much of the day outside.

The mud kitchen has been a huge success – the Little Lodgers absolutely love it! It’s been a great way to encourage personal, social and emotional development, and we’ve found it’s worked really well for settling our new pre-schoolers.  

They pre-schoolers have such vivid imaginations and it’s been a huge learning curve for our staff to sit back and let our Little Lodgers take the reins. It’s great to see the children are all using their imaginations to problem solve. They come together as a team to work out what ingredients they need to create their fabulous dishes –muddy cupcakes seem to be the favourite this week!

It’s a fantastic way to teach Little Lodgers about how food is prepared, how long things take to cook and what ingredients different recipes are made up of. We definitely have some budding chefs in the making! But most importantly, they are all having fun and being themselves

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