Key person bonding is a priority at The Lodge

Starting nursery is a big step for children (and for their parents!), which is why the settling process is so important. Here at The Lodge, we don’t limit settling time, which allows our team to build strong bonds and forever friendships with our Baby Lodgers. We’re really proud of the relationships Little Lodgers form with their key workers. In the children’s first few days here, our staff focus solely on personal, social and emotional development to ensure they all settle well.

We’ve been working on a way to ensure that our Little Lodgers have fewer ‘key person’ changes throughout their time at The Lodge. We’re excited to tell you that we now have a new system in place that will allow each child to build stronger, closer bonds with their key person. We will be reducing key person changes to just two (down from four) from when Little Lodgers arrive in the baby room to their last day in preschool.

New baby suite

In order to facilitate this, we’ve divided up the space by floors. Upstairs, we’ve created a new baby suite comprising two active playrooms. We’ve also created a dedicated ‘sleep room’ with soft lighting, background music and beautiful sleeping spaces. This dedicated sleeping area affords us the luxury of working to your baby’s specific agenda and nobody else’s.

On the ground floor we’ve created an ‘over twos’ area using the whole of downstairs. These new improvements will enable free flow for all of our toddlers and allow them to make full use of the outside space.

Meanwhile, our babies will enjoy their very own calm and comfortable environment to ensure we provide the very best possible start to their Early Years.

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